Phoenix Metal Car Metal Polish - 110 gm


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Seller CarTamaam

Phoenix Metal CAR Polish High Gloss Shine Unmatched Protection -(USE for CAR Body Polish) Trest Phoenix 1 Brazilian, which is one of the purest forms of #1 Grade with advanced neon-polishers that delivers deep shine and lasting protection for all paints and clear-coats. It is formulated to clean and protect in just one application the finish of your vehicle, delivering the lushness and depth you deserve. MADE IN USA (DIRECTION - Pre Wash exterior with PHOENIX1 Carnauba Wash & wax , Apply Small Amount of Product onto Damp , spread evenly on one Section at a time , Allow Product to dry and Haze . Remove excess product with Soft Cloth . Buff Lightly for a more hign performance shine . best selling product which also comes in an easy to apply liquid form. Phoenix Metal CAR Polish using the same high grade. The Phoenix Metal CAR Polish gives equal protection experienced with our paste wax and is easy to apply. It is formulated to give your car the best in natural protection. MADE IN USA