10 things only Car Lovers or Car-a-holic will Understand

Here are 10 things which only car lovers or car enthusiasts or car-a-holics (a lot of names but same breed) will understand.

From washing a car to taking it everywhere you go to keeping it accessorized and to flaunt it on roads are some of the things.

1. The pain of getting a scratch on the car of car lovers.. :@.. and this pain can turn into heart attack if the car is brand new..:p

2. When you tell your GF about the car you purchased and her reaction is “Every car is same for me, nothing special”.. well thank god murders are illegal..:p

3. A true car lover will surely get angry on the owner of any un-maintained car..come on.. why can’t people spend few bucks in getting their car maintained… trust me dude, valet guys of a 5-star hotel may judge you for that..:-p

4. A car lover will get jealous if someone has a better ride than his ride..:p.(this is same as with your GF..:p)

5. Weekend relaxing mantra of a true car lover is washing and cleaning his car (yeah by himself only)..:pcar lovers washing car

6. A true car lover can clean his car’s interior with his branded shirt or jacket (well detergent is cheaper than a dashboard cleaner..:p and if you don’t believe me take a look at my Calvin Klein shirt) 😀

7. A car lover will always travel by his car only, no matter how long it will take to reach his destination..   (whether it is 1 KMS or 1000 KMS, he will always take his ride along.:p)car lovers having a road trip

8. Most of the money of a car lover is spent on putting up new accessories on his car..:p.. (well, there is a saying that your car reflects your style.. so be classy.. 😉 )

9. And yeah… you must have seen the signs in restaurants saying “no outside food allowed” … well in the case of a car lover.. there is an invisible sign..”NO FOOD allowed” inside….

10. Last but not the least.. a true car lover can, and loves to, do some minor repairs by himself…:p.. (Please don’t relate this with GF else you may get dumped earlier…. :p )

Although this list is a lot bigger than only 10 things, feel free to comment your crazy experience of a car lover. 😉


10 things only a car lover or a car-a-holic will understand
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10 things only a car lover or a car-a-holic will understand
Here are 10 things which only a car lover or a car enthusiast will understand. From washing a car to taking it everywhere you go, to keeping it accessorized
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