Mahindra Thar : Best 4×4 jeep in India

Mahindra Thar really can do.. 😉

Mahindra Thar has shown that the original look and feel of a 4X4 jeep can be loaded with modern day necessary features like Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Brakes, etc., along with a modern look plastic trimmed dashboard and still be as powerful as this beast can be.

When you start the engine, Mahindra Thar will rise as a roaring lion ready to hunt his prey.  And as I am more inclined to practically feeling the car rather reading the brochure, I love the roaring sound of the engine and the sound is so thrilling that it literally makes you feel as the bearer of some nasty powerful machine beneath you and the adrenaline rush makes it crazier.

The other thing about Mahindra Thar is that it has its own ruling appeal on the road, it runs like a king of the road, every other car seems to be scared of the beast while Thar cares for none and keeps on conquering the road.

Although the stock Mahindra Thar lacks some additional features when compared to the price tag, it only comes with some basic and necessary features which can be worked more upon to justify the price. This lead to the evolution of aftermarket which has variety of new and amazing accessories that can add to the appeal of the Thar, obviously by putting some good amount of money. Well as it is a saying in Hindi “Shauk Badi Cheez Hai” and along with “badi” it is also “mehangi”. :pmahindra thar lights

If you want to run your thar in city only and weekend trips then I would suggest having a hard top as AC becomes more effective with a hard top. Also, hard top is recommended for security purpose, because not everyone has a covered garage to park inside it, some people like me park in streets, So good luck if you plan to keep soft top. Other than a hard top go for floor carpeting which will help in a smoother feel of the floor  and will also give you a better feel of ride quality and engine sound will also be minimized. Apart from this all other accessories such as Alloys, snorkels, bucket seating, fog lamps, etc. are totally up to your preference and usage, Off Road junkies can go for some tough accessories like a wrench, broader grip tires, search lights, etc.

In conclusion, I would really recommend thar if you really have a thing for 4X4 and no other SUV can give you the feel which thar gives you, trust me it’s really addictive.

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